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NamUs Annual Reports

Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report

Monthly NamUs Case Reports

This series of reports contains information only on individuals who have been reported as missing, unidentified, or unclaimed to NamUs; it does not include information on all missing, unidentified, and unclaimed persons nationwide. Missing, unidentified, and unclaimed person status is is reported to NamUs by local, state, tribal, or federal law enforcement, or it may be self-reported by family members. Data fields to capture race, ethnicity, age, sex assigned at birth, and other demographic markers are reflective of the information entered into NamUs by the reporting party. Therefore, the following report may not be reflective of the entirety of the issues surrounding missing, unidentified, and unclaimed persons in the United States and its territories.

Each month, NamUs publishes reports and statistics for all unresolved missing person, unresolved unidentified person, and unresolved unclaimed person cases published. To improve transparency of monthly case load, including requests for forensic services that the NamUs staff support, we have developed new case reports that we are excited to share with you. You now are able to track our monthly activity through these reports.

Starting in January 2023, each report includes monthly statistics for:

  • Missing Persons Cases
  • Unidentified Persons Cases
  • Unclaimed Persons Cases
  • Forensic Services
  • Outreach and Engagement

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