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With over 50 years of combined law enforcement and forensic crime laboratory experience, NamUs fingerprint examiners:

  • Ensure the quality, completeness, and accuracy of all missing and unidentified person fingerprint information entered into NamUs.
  • Assist with the acquisition of fingerprint records, including fingerprint cards for past and present military personnel.
  • Perform fingerprint comparisons using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Facilitate proactive searching of fingerprints through local and federal databases.

Submit a request for assistance or information by visiting the Contact Us page and selecting "Biometric Support (DNA/Dentals/Prints/Anthro/Analytical)" in the "Nature of Inquiry" field.

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Submitting Fingerprints to NamUs

For the most accurate and complete searching, original fingerprint cards should be submitted to NamUs. A pre-paid shipping label for fingerprint card submissions will be provided upon request, and original fingerprint cards will be returned to the submitting agency once processing is complete.

In lieu of original records, scans or photographs of fingerprint cards can be securely transmitted to NamUs.

For best results, original fingerprint cards should be:

  • Scanned at a minimum of 500 dots per inch (DPI); or
  • Photographed at a 1:1 ratio with a scale included in the image

For a link to securely transmit fingerprint image(s) to NamUs, submit a request by visiting the Contact Us page and selecting "Biometric Support (DNA/Dentals/Prints/Anthro/Analytical)" in "Nature of Inquiry" field.