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Forensic Odontology

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Law enforcement, medical examiners, and coroners rely on dental records to establish legal and verifiable identifications of missing and unidentified persons. Dental records provide an opportunity to make rapid, cost-effective, detailed comparisons between individuals for inclusions or exclusions of potential matches.

Agencies can directly upload dental information for missing and unidentified person cases to NamUs, which is a secure, central repository. NamUs forensic odontologists also can be contacted to digitally scan, code, and upload information to NamUs cases on behalf of investigating agencies. All dental information uploaded to NamUs is available for 24/7 professional comparisons.

NamUs odontologists also complete NCIC dental worksheets that allow agencies to upload accurate and complete dental information to NCIC.

NamUs provides pre-paid shipping labels to submit dental information for processing, and all records will be returned to the submitting agency after upload to NamUs.