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The Original Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course – August 2024

Event Dates
Event Duration
4 Days (4 dias)
Marriott St. Louis Grand and Online

800 Washington Ave
St. Louis, MO

Medicolegal death investigators training lectures at Saint Louis University are presented by forensic specialists on all major categories of deaths that occur in medicolegal jurisdictions, with particular emphasis placed on the investigator’s role in the death investigation.

This course is for the purpose of training anyone who plays a role in the investigation of medicolegal deaths. This includes MD and DOs that act as Medical Examiners are responsible for documentation of cause of death. This course will prepare the participants to take a closer look at the scene, at the evidence, and prepare complete and thorough documentation that can be used identify and report cause of death.

This 40-hour course prepares both novice and seasoned investigators to effectively and efficiently process a death scene and gather pertinent information. 
Participants must be currently employed in a position such as funeral director, coroner, death investigator, law enforcement, or other medicolegal field to register for this course. 

NamUs staff will virtually present to provide awareness to the attendees of the resources the NamUs program can provide in order to assist in identification of unidentified human remains and recovery of unclaimed persons.

Date Created: January 9, 2024