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MACCHIA (MidAtlantic Cold Case Homicide Investigators Association) Annual Conference

Event Dates
Graduate Annapolis Hotel

126 West Street
Annapolis, MD

This workshop is a forum to discuss and exchange information related to:

  • Homicide case management and operational strategy
  • The latest advancements in forensic technology and laboratory sciences
  • Improving training for police, investigators, prosecutors, laboratory personnel and any other person or organization who may assist in a cold case homicide investigation
  • conducting seminars, conferences and training opportunities related to all phases of a cold case homicide investigation
  • Opening lines of inter-agency communication, as well as promote, encourage and foster the controlled exchange of need to know information between all agencies who may be involved in a multi-jurisdictional investigation.

NamUs forensic services and updates to the program will be presented. 

Date Created: April 11, 2022