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Law Seminars International 2022 Tribal Consultations

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Event Dates
Event Duration
2 Days (2 Días)
Online (En línea)

NamUs staff has been invited to join the panel on “Resources for Identifying Tribal Consultation Requirements and Tools for Data-Driven Consultation” and provide an overview of the NamUs database.

The program includes:

  • Resources for Identifying Tribal Consultation Requirements
  • Tools for identifying Federal consultation obligations arising from specific treaties
  • Effective use of the national database for consultaions regarding missing Indigenous persons
  • Environmental Justice (EJ) as a driver for Tribal consultation
  • Tips for leveraging EJ initiatives and consultation processes for achieving Tribal environmental goals
  • US EPA initiatives to work with Tribal Governments on environmental issues
  • Federal infrastructure funding and the Justice 40 Initiative
  • Health Care, Energy Security, and Climate Change provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
  • Case study examples of consultation with state agencies
  • Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta and the implications for Tribes and Tribal consultations
  • Case studies of consultation on public health issues
  • Use of Tribal Historic Preservation Acts to trigger consultation
  • Use of consultation as a mechanism for resolving cultural resource losses and issues arising from Indian Boarding School programs

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Date Created: September 23, 2022