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2024 Miami-Dade County Missing and Unidentified Person's Day

Event Dates
Event Duration
7 Hours ( 7 horas)
Ernest R. Graham Center, Florida International University

10955 SW 15th Terrace
Miami, FL

The Miami-Dade Police Department will be hosting their second annual missing persons day event. The purpose of this event is to continue bringing public awareness to missing persons cases and unidentified human remains. The intended audience is anyone concerned with missing persons cases, including families, local institutions, and the general public. The goals for this event are to: offer support to families of missing persons, open or update missing person case reports, collect essential case and biometric information, resolve or close missing and unidentified person cases, and bring attention to missing and unidentified persons through event speakers and media coverage. 

NamUs staff will be present to: provide a public-facing keynote speech on NamUs resources, meet with families of missing loved ones to enter or update NamUs entries, and to host a booth for educating and interacting with the public. 

Date Created: March 13, 2024