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NamUs is in the process of transitioning to our new staffing model. We appreciate your patience as we update all NamUs processes. For any questions or concerns, please visit the Contact Us page and select your Regional Support option. Learn more about our new staffing model.


NamUs is managed by RTI International in Research Triangle Park, NC, and is administered by the National Institute of Justice, in Washington, DC.

Need help or have a question?

  • For specific information about a NamUs case, click “Contacts” within the case to see the investigating agency.
  • As a first step, review our FAQs and User Guides
  • For further assistance, please use the form below to submit your inquiry to NamUs.
    • Review the options in the "Nature of Enquiry" field to ensure your submission reaches the correct group.
    • For assistance with case creation or inquiries related to existing cases, in the "Nature of Inquiry" field, select “Case Assistance." Note that the creation of a missing person’s case requires an active missing person’s report with law enforcement.
    • For website/database outages, firewall issues, and system lock out questions, in the "Nature of Inquiry" field, select “IT Support.”
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Date Created: March 26, 2021