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Justin Endicott

Regional Program Specialist, Region 1: AZ, CO, NM, and UT (Especialista en Programas Regiónales, Región 1: AZ, CO, NM, y UT)

Justin Endicott is a Public Health Analyst at RTI International and serves as the Regional Program Specialist for Region 1. Prior to his current role as Regional Program Specialist, Justin supported the NamUs program as an Associate Regional Program Specialist for the state of California. Before joining the NamUs program in 2019, Justin worked as an Executive Team Leader in assets protection for Target in Fort Worth, TX. In this role, he ensured correct store operations to reduce overall theft and fraud, initiated investigations to reduce internal theft, maintained relationships with local political and law enforcement agencies, and drove a safe and secure store culture through training of other store leadership on best practices.

Date Created: May 18, 2023