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Jaclynn McKay

Associate Regional Program Specialist (Especialista Asociada en Programas Regiónales)

Jaclynn McKay joined NamUs as an Associate Regional Program Specialist in 2022. Prior to this position, Ms. McKay accrued over six years of experience working for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s Forensic Services Laboratory as a forensic serologist, and then as a crime scene investigator and certified law enforcement officer. She has performed serological analysis on hundreds of cases for the presence of biological fluids as well as conducted several hundred scene investigations across the state of South Carolina. Ms. McKay has specialized training in bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting incident documentation, and crime scene reconstruction. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science with a concentration in Forensic Biology and minors in both Biology and Chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is also an International Association for Identification (IAI) Certified Crime Scene Analyst (CCSA).

Date Created: May 18, 2023