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Critical Incidents


NamUs for Critical Incidents

Critical incidents are typically abrupt, catastrophic events that fall outside the scope of daily experiences and operations, such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks. The immediate and overwhelming effects of critical incidents are felt across the public sector and wide spectrum of professional responders, driving a need for surge capacity and rallying of resources which are confounded by confusion, chaos and unnecessary expenditure of resources.

NCI Overview

Inaccurate and fluctuating victim reporting is a repeating theme in almost every disaster across the country. Compounding these challenges has always been the lack of a single secure, centralized, online tool for consolidating and sharing information during such events. NamUs for Critical Incidents (NCI) will fill this need by becoming an informational bridge.

Work is underway to build a single tool that will serve as an informational bridge to connect law enforcement, medicolegal and emergency management professionals, as well as victims and families during a critical incident. Visit the links below to learn more details about the NCI application.

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Incident Creation in NCI

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System Launch

Date Created: March 26, 2021