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NamUs offers a variety of free training and outreach services, to include:

  • Individualized assistance learning the NamUs 2.0 database application.
  • Customized, online or classroom training for agencies on the NamUs 2.0 database application, forensic services, and the effective use of NamUs tools to resolve missing and unidentified person cases.
  • Presentations at local, state, and national training conferences (see events below for upcoming opportunities in your area).
  • Assistance with the coordination and implementation of local and statewide “Missing Person Day” events to enter cases into NamUs and facilitate the collection of family reference DNA samples.

Upcoming Events

17th National Indian Nations Conference

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Palm Springs Convention Center (Centro de convenciones de Palm Springs)

Palm Springs, CA

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NamUs Tribal Support (Apoyo tribal NamUs)
Date Created: April 20, 2022