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Clayton Daniels

Fingerprint Examiner/CLPE (Examinador de Huellas Dactilares/CLPE)
Forensics (Forense)

Clayton Daniels retired from the Abilene Police Department in Abilene, Texas in September 2010, after serving 26-1/2 years as a peace officer. During his last fifteen years, he was assigned to the Forensic Unit as a Criminalist Officer/Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE), where he performed latent and inked fingerprint comparisons, operated the state Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), processed evidence in the laboratory and at crime scenes, and performed investigation of major crimes scenes, to include photographing/videotaping, collecting and preserving evidence, and preparing diagrams/sketches. Clayton also performed questioned document examinations and bloodspatter interpretations, recovered exhumable/skeletal remains, and provided expert witness testimony in state and federal courts. He also provided expertise to local, state, and federal agencies in the surrounding nineteen counties. In 2004, Clayton earned a CLPE certification from the International Association of Identification.

In October 2010, Clayton joined the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory as a Forensic Scientist/CLPE in the Latent Print Section, where he processed evidence for latent prints using various latent print development techniques, performed latent print comparisons, and responded to crime scenes throughout the state as needed. In 2013, he transferred to the Latent AFIS Section, where he searched latent/inked fingerprint and palm print impressions through state and federal databases, compared potential candidate matches, and compared candidate matches to the remaining fingerprint evidence to determine if the prints were an identification, exclusion and/or inconclusive comparison. He also assisted CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) personnel by performing manual fingerprint comparisons of convicted offenders to verify their true identity.

In November 2018, Clayton joined NamUs as a Fingerprint Examiner/CLPE, where he classifies and uploads fingerprint information to the NamUs database, searches the NamUs CAFIS (Cogent Automated Fingerprint Identification System), and performs fingerprint comparisons. He is a member of the International Association of Identification (IAI) and the Texas Division of the IAI (past TDIAI President).

Date Created: May 25, 2021